How To Get Your Content Marketing Strategy Noticed


Whether or not your content marketing strategy is actually working will ultimately be determined by the amount of attention your content is getting. Are people clicking? Are they sharing? Are they commenting? Successful content is content that people are talking about.

But you can’t just throw stuff out there and hope that people like it. Part of your content marketing strategy needs to be about crafting the sort of content – be it blog articles, short videos or infographics – that demands attention. So, let’s talk about what you can do to get your content marketing noticed.

1. Know Your Audience
Before you even think about creating anything, you need to know who it is for. Who is your audience? What are they like? What excites them? Visit the websites that they enjoy, read the blogs that they read, and interact with them online. The better you know the people you’re trying to appeal to, the better you will be at it.

2. Gear Your Content Towards Your Audience
Unless you’re a celebrity, no one is clicking on your content because they want to learn about you. Content that is all about how awesome your business is will bore people. Create content that will appeal to your audience. Write pieces that empathize with their concerns – people love to know that they are not alone in the things that they love, and the things that aggravate them. Provide content that addresses their needs and offers advice that they can actually use. If you do that, they’ll return to you again and again.


3. Create Interesting and Helpful Content
A no-brainer, right? But, again, you really need to be thinking about your audience. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae of things that you happen to find interesting, but don’t simply assume that your audience will be equally fascinated. Create content that tells a story. Create content that solves a problem that your audience is facing – we all have problems, and we’re all looking for solutions to them.

4. Create Quality Content
It’s no secret that perhaps the most pervasive content marketing strategy of our day seems to be about quantity over quality. Sensational, silly, and often substance-free articles, videos, and memes flood the internet, as people attempt to make anything and everything go viral. While they may see some short-term gains from this strategy, the better bet is on quality content that really has something valuable to offer the reader. The latest wacky cat video may get likes and shares for one day, but if you create engaging, information-packed articles, videos, and other content pieces that are truly useful to people, they will continue returning to them and sharing them with their friends for months or years to come, creating a long term and continual source of traffic and leads.

5. Care About Your Content
A savvy reader can tell the difference between someone who is blogging just to rack up hits and someone who is blogging because they are passionate about their subject. If you don’t care about your content, it’s highly unlikely anyone else will. So make sure you’re knowledgeable and invested in what you are writing and creating because it will shine through.

6. Keep Your Content Organized and Accessible
Being passionate is important, but so is being structured. You might have fabulous content full of precious gems of information, but if it’s scattered all over your website in a disorganized mess, nobody is ever going to find it. Organize your content in a rational way that will allow visitors to your site or blog to locate things that are of interest to them. Also try to steer them to other similar content that might be of interest (e.g., “If you enjoyed this article, you also might want to read …”).

7. Use Social Media to Your Advantage
Utilize the major social media sites to promote your content, and make sure the content itself has built-in links and widgets that allow your readers to easily share it with others. While you certainly want what you are offering to be a cut above everything else flying around Facebook, you can’t underestimate how helpful social media is as a promotional tool.

8. Don’t Forget SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for ensuring that people find their way to your site. Simply creating high-quality content will go a long way to doing that for you, but your content marketing strategy should still maintain SEO best practices to increase the probability of your content being found. Top line best practices for on-page SEO would include ensuring your title has a long-tail key word, including outbound links where possible, ensure your chosen keyword is peppered throughout the content (ensuring it is not overused as Google with mark this as spam) and including use of social sharing buttons – helping your readers easily spread the word.

We would love to discuss your current content marketing strategy  so if you would like a free assessment of your marketing and content creation plan, please get in touch now and we’ll be happy to help.