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How technology can make your accompanied shop even more awesome

17 July, 2019 The reason accompanied shops are such a great methodology is that they replicate real-life shopping..

How to achieve maximum engagement in your accompanied shop

11 July, 2019 So, you’ve decided to conduct an accompanied shop and you’ve worked tirelessly to source the best..

How accompanied shops can provide detailed shopper insights

17 November, 2017 Accompanied shops, assisted shops or shopalongs as they’re also known – have become increasingly..

How to successfully recruit an assisted shop for your qual MR

02 June, 2017 Assisted shopping is a great way for a brand to get customer insights straight from the source...

How to utilise mobile qual in your next assisted shop

09 May, 2017 Assisted shopping is a great way to identify key customer shopping behaviours. After all, assessing..