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Your guide to mobile diaries for qualitative market research

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 15-Feb-2017 10:47:12

Qualitative market research professionals are increasingly moving away from traditional paper-based diaries towards mobile diaries – and with good reason. Traditional diaries take time and effort to prepare, and let’s not forget the cost associated with the layout, design, printing, and distribution. The drawbacks of traditional diaries, coupled with the digital explosion, has led to mobile diaries becoming practically universal.

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How Mobile Research Communities Can Deliver Better Insight

Posted by Stephen Cribbett on 30-Nov-2016 16:33:48

You probably already know the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, but in case you don’t, here’s a quick summary. Quantitative research tells you what’s going on, or how much is taking place. Qualitative research will then give you the answer  to ‘why' these things are happening.

Technology has not only democratised research, it’s provided a platform to reach further and engage consumers in new and creative ways that (qualitative research methods such as) focus groups and depth-interviews can’t.

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Topics: Mobile Research Communities

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