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Five onboarding tricks you won’t want to miss

Posted by Kelly Barnard on 03-Dec-2018 16:18:11

You probably already know about the benefits of online qual research: it’s a fast and cost-effective way for researchers to easily uncover in-depth insights - and because respondents can take part remotely, it isn’t limited by geographical considerations, which results in higher response rates. However, in order to make sure your online qual is a success, it’s important to ensure your onboarding process is watertight. A smooth onboarding process will make sure your respondents are fully engaged and excited to take part, so you can reduce the risk of dropouts, make sure your research goes off without a hitch and unlock the in-depth insights you need. Here’s how:

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Why use market research online communities in the retail sector

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 05-Jul-2017 14:15:16

Market research online communities (MROCs) are a modern research technique that sees respondents engage in a number of different tasks and activities via an online platform in order to generate in-depth, qualitative results. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular: cost effective and efficient, they offer a great alternative to more time consuming traditional methods. And because they can fit in around participants’ busy lives to deliver insightful results in real time, they also benefit from very high response rates. As MROCs become increasingly popular across all areas of market research, they also transfer incredibly well into the retail sector. So if you’re planning a retail MR project, read on to discover how a market research online community could benefit you.

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5 cost and resources benefits MROCs

Posted by Angelfish on 14-Jun-2017 10:07:49

Market research is one of the cornerstones of a brand’s success. Without knowing consumer behaviour—what they like and don’t like and how likely they would be to purchase a service or product—a business cannot develop. The advent of marketing research online communities, or MROCs, has made gathering valuable customer insights a lot easier and cheaper. Here’s why:

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