Case Study - Find out how we delivered 95% charity engagement

Discover how we successfully recruited participants for a two-stage market research online community about engagement with international development charities.

With the combined challenges of finding participants under a strict quota and ensuring that they remained motivated throughout the study, we couldn't wait to get our teeth into this one!

Discover how we:

  • Recruited 60 respondents of different social grades:
  1. 20 women A/B aged 55+ who had financially donated to a charity
  2. 20 people aged 25+ A/B/C1 with children of different ages
  3. 20 empty nesters aged 25+ A/B/C1
  •  A two-phase MROC study lasting a total of 25 days
  • The first stage needed daily participation
  • We carried out the participant engagement and wrote the screener

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5 adults all looking down at their phones and tablets