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Angelfish Opinions, is the driving force behind our success in recruiting research participants.

At Angelfish Fieldwork, we specialise in recruiting UK-based consumers. We achieve this by leveraging our opt-in online community of over 37,000 members across the UK, as well as through refer-a-friend programs and targeted social media campaigns.

The stats below provide a glimpse into the incredible individuals who make up our community. They also serve as valuable insights into the extensive reach we have.






over 9k

with a health condition

We update our Angelfish Opinions community stats frequently. If you'd like to know stats by region, we've got that. If you'd like to know stats by gender, we've got that. If you'd like to know stats by age, we've got that too! 
Download our full, up to date stats sheet anytime you'd like. 
And if you're looking for a human that's not part of our community, we may still be able to find them for you. Our refer-a-friend programme and social media campaigns mean our reach is wide.
Members of our community love to recommend us to others. 
If you still don't believe us, read our Trustpilot reviews and make your own mind up!