What is a user research recruitment screener, and how should you write one?

But what is a user research recruitment screener, you ask?

A screener is perhaps the most pivotal ingredient in recruitment, and is a tool we heavily rely on in completing fieldwork accurately, efficiently and to the highest quality.

In a nutshell, a screener is a set of qualifying questions that will enable you to verify whether a participant is the right fit for the research you want to carry out. These are usually conducted over the phone, or online.

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Want to know how to recruit the best participants for your online qual?

At Angelfish, we've learned a lot about market research recruitment over the years – and when it comes to online qual, it’s a whole other ballgame compared to face-to-face methodologies!

That’s why we’ve put together this free, comprehensive guide, in which you’ll discover so many new things!

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Your Checklist for Conducting Market Research with Children and Young People

Want to get the most out of your qualitative market research with children and young people?

If so, it's vital that you take the time to understand how to interact with them, as well as taking ethical and practical considerations into account.

We know this can be a bit of a daunting prospect for many researchers, however; which is why we've put together all our knowledge and experience in this area into a quick-fire checklist infographic that will help you understand the basics of conducting qualitative market research with children and young people!

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Looking to get the best possible insights out of your focus groups?

Focus groups are by far one of the most popular and effective market research methodologies available; but if you want to get the best possible insights from them, there are several essential things you’ll need to do – all of which you can learn in this handy guide!

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CTA - A Beginners Guide To Getting The Best Out Of Your Focus Groups

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Ethnography

In today’s increasingly digital landscape and mobile ethnography has become a staple in identifying product innovation and development and gathering insights into customer behaviours and beliefs.

It’s therefore vital to understand its benefits and put it into practice as part of your market research endeavours - which is why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide!

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Your ultimate guide to recruitment in qualitative market research

Good qualitative market research is all about the people. In fact, the participants you choose can easily tip the balance between the success and failure of your study!

The question is: How do you find the best participants for your market research?

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Want to recruit the best participants for your focus group?

Get your guide bursting with top tips and expert advice here!

In order to ensure that all the time, money and effort you put into your focus groups gets the insights you are after, you’ll need to source high-quality, engaged participants!

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CTA - Top Tips for getting the best participants for your focus groups

Planning to run your first market research online community?

Download the ultimate step-by-step guide and checklist now

Market research online communities have become more popular than ever due to the plethora of benefits they can offer. While conducting your first MROC is exciting, however, it can seem like daunting process, too.

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Want to get great results from your market research online community?

Online communities are becoming an increasingly popular choice for market researchers. Whether you are well versed in this methodology or it's a new technique for you entirely, our handy guide has everything you need to ensure your next community delivers the insights you’re after!

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CTA - How to get great results from your MROC