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Lockdown Life: Lockdown 2.0

26 November, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey, which explores people’s purchasing decisions, festive... Read more >

The importance of an over-recruit in usability testing recruitment

16 November, 2020 While ideally you want to take your time with both online and face-to-face usability testing, it’s... Read more >

6 things to consider before choosing market research incentives

11 November, 2020 The Market Research Society describes an incentive as “any benefit offered to respondents to... Read more >

Respondent engagement: Six simple ways to get the results you need

03 November, 2020 The success of your research depends on a lot of factors - and the level of respondent engagement... Read more >

Top tips for your design sprint user  testing  recruitment

20 October, 2020 A design sprint is a powerful insight tool that enables you to get things done - fast.   It... Read more >

Lockdown Life: Black Friday & Christmas

16 October, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey on attitudes to Black Friday and Christmas during... Read more >

How to find user testers for a design sprint  

08 October, 2020 We all know that the customer is king.   As brands compete to become more customer-centric, it’s... Read more >

How to recruit respondents for your qualitative market research

30 September, 2020 The secret to successful qualitative market research is all in the people. Basically, without the... Read more >

Lockdown Life: Supermarkets

17 September, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey on attitudes to supermarket shopping during lockdown:   Read more >