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The power of storytelling in qualitative market research
01 May, 2019 Market research is changing. Research is becoming more diverse, Generation Z is coming of age, and..
Why is diversity so important in market research?
21 March, 2019 Pepsi, Dove, ASOS... What do all these companies have in common? Well, they’ve all made some pretty..
Our predictions for the future of market research
18 March, 2019 The last few years have seen some pretty big changes in the market research industry. The..
Why we shouldn't be ignoring the growing segment of 'Otherhood'
13 March, 2019 Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones: if you were asked to think of a single woman in her thirties,..
Reaching the distracted generation: why video is so important when conducting research with Gen Z
20 February, 2019 Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation in town! Generation Z refers to those born between..
Is AI the future of customer experience?
19 February, 2019   AI is something of a buzzword right now - especially when it comes to how it can transform the..
6 reasons why a local fieldwork agency will find better respondents
12 February, 2019  These days, the world is smaller and more interconnected than ever before. However, when it comes..
Easy-to-follow advice for expert validation
04 February, 2019 So you've conducted your feasibility assessment, briefed your agency, and started recruiting..
Understanding the process of finding participants
30 January, 2019 Understanding the process of finding participants A good qualitative market research study is all..
How to recruit respondents for your qualitative market research
28 January, 2019 The secret to successful qualitative market research is all in the people. Basically, without the..