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A beginner’s guide to qualifying your participants without losing the plot!

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 20-Nov-2017 09:51:01

So, you’ve thoroughly researched your market research subject, identified your target audience, and started putting tentative plans in place for your chosen methodology. You’re all set and ready to go, right? Wrong. There’s a really important step between sourcing your participants and conducting the interviews with respondents: qualification. Thoroughly checking your participants to ensure they meet your qualifying criteria is a vital part of your market research recruitment process that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Your participants might seem perfect on paper, but by taking the time to dig a little deeper, you can be completely confident that they meet your criteria and are engaged and enthusiastic about participating. After all, a successful market research study is only as good as the people taking part…

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How assisted shops can provide detailed shopper insights

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 17-Nov-2017 10:03:24

Assisted shops – or shopalongs as they’re also known – have become increasingly popular in qualitative market research in recent years to gain shopper insights.

Whilst group discussions and face-to-face interviews are a great way to understand your customers’ thoughts and opinions, joining them on a retail shopalong can help you to glean additional insight which you otherwise may not be able to achieve from a focus group setting .

Assisted shops enable you to get underneath your customers’ skin and observe how they behave, where they go, what they buy and why – which means you can generate deep shopper insights in order to make truly informed decisions.

Read on to find out more…

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Could virtual reality enhance your qualitative market research?

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 09-Nov-2017 20:13:07

It took a bit of time to get going, but it’s safe to say virtual reality has finally arrived – in fact it’s made quite the entrance, especially in the world of retail where it’s predicted to be the next big thing in commerce. Why? Because it’s truly transforming the retail experience, blurring the lines between space and time and bridging the gap between experience and design by allowing retailers to create virtual brand experiences that can really excite their customers.

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MR and the digital age - where do traditional research methods fit?

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 25-Oct-2017 12:05:46

You don’t need us to tell you that technology has exploded in recent years. In fact, research suggests a staggering six billion people now have access to mobile phones, meaning that more people in the world have access to mobiles than they do toilets.  And with technology quite literally washing over the globe, it’s no surprise that market research methodologies have been swept up in the technology wave, too.

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5 ways to recruit people for user experience testing

Posted by Angelfish on 12-Oct-2017 11:38:43

User experience testing refers to evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users in order to improve its usability. The secret to successful user experience testing is recruiting the right users: by increasing the quality of your recruiting and ensuring you find the right people, there’ll be an immediate improvement in the quality of your results. To put it simply, without the right participants, you won’t get the data you need. But how exactly do you recruit for a user experience testing study? Read on to find out…

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3 tools to revolutionise your online focus groups

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 03-Oct-2017 17:25:19

Online focus groups have become more and more popular over recent years – and when you look at the benefits, it’s easy to see why: they are convenient for both researchers and participants alike, they are often cheaper than traditional focus groups, they eliminate the need for travel yet offer unbeatable geographical diversity as participants can take part from across the country and they don’t face the same restraints as traditional focus groups.

All that, and they still deliver high quality, in the moment insights. But how do you ensure your online focus group is a success? What software should you be using to ensure a smooth research experience that’s easy for both you and your participants? Read on to discover our top three online focus group tools that can allow you to host successful and insightful focus groups on a budget…

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In-store ordering – is this the next step for retail & shopper insights?

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 18-Sep-2017 15:12:37

There’s no denying that the advance of technology is transforming everything, from everyday life to healthcare – but one industry it is impacting specifically is the retail industry. Thanks to improvements in technology, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience, with a recent study showing that in the retail industry, 75% of businesses are looking to technology to transform their consumer’s in-store and out of store experience.

One example of this is in-store ordering, which has been developed to improve in-store sales, efficiencies and the overall customer experience.

It’s already been adopted by fashion powerhouse the Arcadia Group – so it will only be a matter of time before others follow suit. Read on to find out more about in-store ordering and how it is set to transform the retail experience, shopper insights and qualitative market research…

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Moderation tips to get the most from your user experience testing

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 13-Sep-2017 14:49:52

When it comes to user experience testing, there are two ways to do it: either with a moderator or without. Both have their pros and cons, but generally speaking, talking with a user on a one-to-one basis will unveil detailed insight into usability of your website or mobile app that a user following instructions on their own often won’t be able to replicate.

Effective moderation can be tricky though, and a good moderator should understand how the nature and timing of questions can influence the outcome and therefore be able to make critical decisions about what to ask and when to ask it. Don’t worry though – although moderating user experience tests might seem a bit daunting, practice really does make perfect – and along with our top tips below, you’ll be a master of moderation in no time!

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How to use WhatsApp to gain deeper shopper insights

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 07-Sep-2017 10:34:39

It’s official: consumers today have become omnichannel shoppers. Whether online or in-store, on a desktop or a smartphone, today’s shoppers have more ways to purchase products than ever before.

53% of consumers visited a retailer on their phone in 2016, with 20% even using their phones to check the prices of competing products whilst in-store – and as that number continues to grow retailers need to continually adapt and change their offerings to keep up with consumer behaviour. As a result, we are seeing qualitative market research dominating the retail industry in a bid to understand customers’ wants and needs and shopper insights, with mobile qual and assisted shopping become intrinsically linked.

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Top tips for unlocking hard to reach audiences for qual MR

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 18-Aug-2017 09:57:33

As market researchers, our job is to capture the thoughts, opinions and voices of different people throughout the world. People of different ages, genders, and nationalities with different behaviours, habits, professions and beliefs – and although it’s exactly what makes market research so interesting, sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems, especially when you are tasked with sourcing an audience that’s difficult to connect with. Don’t worry, though. No matter how hard the job you’ve been tasked with, we’re here to help. Read on for our tried and tested top tips for unlocking hard to reach audiences for qualitative market research...

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