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Lockdown Life: Lockdown 2.0

26 November, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey, which explores people’s purchasing decisions, festive... Read more >

The importance of an over-recruit in usability testing recruitment

16 November, 2020 While ideally you want to take your time with both online and face-to-face usability testing, it’s... Read more >

6 things to consider before choosing market research incentives

11 November, 2020 The Market Research Society describes an incentive as “any benefit offered to respondents to... Read more >

Respondent engagement: Six simple ways to get the results you need

03 November, 2020 The success of your research depends on a lot of factors - and the level of respondent engagement... Read more >

Top tips for your design sprint user  testing  recruitment

20 October, 2020 A design sprint is a powerful insight tool that enables you to get things done - fast.   It... Read more >

Lockdown Life: Black Friday & Christmas

16 October, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey on attitudes to Black Friday and Christmas during... Read more >

How to find user testers for a design sprint  

08 October, 2020 We all know that the customer is king.   As brands compete to become more customer-centric, it’s... Read more >

How to recruit respondents for your qualitative market research

30 September, 2020 The secret to successful qualitative market research is all in the people. Basically, without the... Read more >

Lockdown Life: Supermarkets

17 September, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey on attitudes to supermarket shopping during lockdown:   Read more >

Why do a design sprint?

10 September, 2020 For those of you that aren’t familiar with what a design sprint is, it is a five-day process that... Read more >

What is a design sprint?

02 September, 2020 If you have never heard of a design sprint, now’s the time to get involved!   If you find yourself... Read more >

5 tips for expert respondent validation in online market research

24 August, 2020 Expert respondent validation is an integral part of the fieldwork process: As a market researcher,... Read more >

7 questions you need to ask before choosing MROC software

19 August, 2020 Are you thinking of making the move to market research online communities? Or maybe you’ve already... Read more >

5 ways Market Research Online Communities will save you time, costs and resources

12 August, 2020 Market research is one of the cornerstones of brand success. Simply put, without knowing consumer... Read more >

Five top tips for engaging and empowering young people during research

27 July, 2020 Market research with children and young people is becoming more and more popular It's therefore... Read more >

Lockdown Life: Holidays

03 July, 2020 Discover the results from our latest survey on attitudes to holidays during lockdown:   Read more >

Lockdown Life: Sport

17 June, 2020 Today marks the return of live sport! Discover the results from the latest edition of our Lockdown... Read more >

Lockdown Life: Media

12 June, 2020 Discover the results from our market research on media consumption during lockdown. Read more >

The new normal: the impact on the retail industry & market research

10 June, 2020 The retail industry has undergone some pretty dramatic transformations over the last decade, from... Read more >

9 top tips for usability testing with children & young people

04 June, 2020 As user experience continues to become a key brand differentiator, usability testing is growing in... Read more >

How to engage non-tech savvy audiences in online qualitative research

18 May, 2020 Despite approximately three million people using the internet and being familiar with technology... Read more >

Five ways mobile ethnography can help research consumer behaviour

30 April, 2020 Ethnography is a type of research that allows researchers to observe respondents in their natural... Read more >

Six top tips for successful online focus groups

15 April, 2020 Online focus groups are an amazing market research methodology option that should be part of every... Read more >

Best Practices: Market Research with Children & Young People

03 April, 2020 Many of the difficulties that qualitative market researchers have to overcome when working with... Read more >

Speaking to young people in their language - the struggle is real!

25 March, 2020 Slay, turnt up, lit, basic… Like it or not, we’re surrounded by new phrases, words, and ideas that... Read more >

4 ways to recruit people for user experience testing

18 March, 2020 User experience testing refers to evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative... Read more >

How diversity in retail is affecting market research

12 March, 2020 According to recent research, across the UK, US and Europe, over two-thirds of the main board and... Read more >

Understanding and engaging with the customers of tomorrow

24 February, 2020 A company is only as successful as its ability to appeal to customers, so it’s essential for brands... Read more >

The conscious consumer and how to target them for market research

20 February, 2020 According to recent research, 75% of Brits are adopting ethical shopping and healthier eating... Read more >

Want to find out what your retail customers really want? Here’s how...

27 January, 2020 Customer experience has been a hot topic for a number of years now, partly thanks to the rapid rate... Read more >

Our thoughts about the future of fashion retail and how to prepare for it

13 January, 2020 Fashion, by its very nature, is always changing. Collections come and go along with the seasons,... Read more >

Customers today want to be heard: here’s why you need to listen

08 December, 2019 It is more important than ever to listen to your customers. In today’s fast-paced world, thanks to... Read more >

Five ways to recruit respondents for your retail market research

04 December, 2019 Retail market research is essential for brands today. In this digital age, it’s harder than ever... Read more >

Why UX is so important for businesses today

25 November, 2019 User experience testing (also known as UX testing) is when a product or service is evaluated by... Read more >

Face to face or remote user testing: which is right for you?

18 October, 2019 User testing (also known as usability testing, user experience testing and UX testing) is when a... Read more >

Meet the team: five minutes with Jade

02 October, 2019 At Angelfish, there’s nothing more important to us than the relationships we build with our clients... Read more >

How to smash an online study with baby boomers

09 September, 2019 The term “baby boomers” refers to those born between 1946 and 1964, with an age range spanning... Read more >

Five things to think about when conducting research with customer lists

06 September, 2019 When it comes to successful consumer market research recruitment, it all comes down to the... Read more >

How to engage young people and kids in market research

04 September, 2019 Market research involving kids and youth is an incredibly useful area: not only do they have an... Read more >

Looking for software for your user testing? Here are our top five!

23 August, 2019 Customers today have more choice and freedom than ever before, which means that attracting and... Read more >

Your go-to task idea guide for market research online communities

19 August, 2019 A market research online community (MROC) is a modern research methodology where a private network... Read more >

Your guide to conducting feasibility testing

13 August, 2019 Essentially, a feasibility test is a thorough assessment carried out prior to starting any market... Read more >

Four tips to help you start telling stories in your research

08 August, 2019 Storytelling: it’s a bit of an industry buzzword at the moment. In fact, everywhere you turn,... Read more >

A beginner's guide to getting the most out of your focus groups

05 August, 2019 The lowdown Focus groups are one of the most popular and effective market research methodologies... Read more >

How to make the most out of your insight budget

30 July, 2019 Market researchers are under pressure to deliver more strategic, in-depth insights faster than ever... Read more >

Meet the team: five minutes with Kelly

25 July, 2019 At Angelfish, one of the things we pride ourselves on most is the people in our team and the... Read more >

Understanding consent in market research: why this shouldn't hold you back

24 July, 2019 When carrying out market research, one of the first and most important things you need to do is... Read more >

How technology can make your accompanied shop even more awesome

17 July, 2019 The reason accompanied shops are such a great methodology is that they replicate real-life shopping... Read more >

How to achieve maximum engagement in your accompanied shop

11 July, 2019 So, you’ve decided to conduct an accompanied shop and you’ve worked tirelessly to source the best... Read more >

How to use the power of social to recruit for your next accompanied shop

03 July, 2019 In our previous article, we explained what accompanied shopping is and why it is such a popular... Read more >

Why market research is all about the relationships

28 June, 2019 Market research is changing. In today’s customer-centric world, brands need detailed insights to... Read more >

Accompanied shopping 101

26 June, 2019 In today’s world, the customer is becoming increasingly important. As brands fight to become more... Read more >

Four tips on how to recruit Gen Z for market research

13 June, 2019 Ah, Generation Z. Teenagers today have got a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to market... Read more >

Let’s hear it for the dads! Why market research isn’t just about mums

28 May, 2019 There’s no denying that the subject of gender equality is all over the media at the moment. But the... Read more >

Is human experience the new customer experience?

17 May, 2019  “The purpose of business is not to make a profit but to satisfy the needs and expectations of... Read more >

How to make the most out of your market research budget

09 May, 2019 In an age where cost effectiveness is so important, it’s vital that you know how to justify your... Read more >

Back to basics: everything you need to know about GDPR in market research

01 May, 2019  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in May 2018. It was brought in to... Read more >

The power of storytelling in qualitative market research

01 May, 2019 Market research is changing. Research is becoming more diverse, Generation Z is coming of age, and... Read more >

Why is diversity so important in market research?

21 March, 2019 Pepsi, Dove, ASOS... What do all these companies have in common? Well, they’ve all made some pretty... Read more >

Our predictions for the future of market research

18 March, 2019 The last few years have seen some pretty big changes in the market research industry. The... Read more >

Why we shouldn't be ignoring the growing segment of 'Otherhood'

13 March, 2019 Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones: if you were asked to think of a single woman in her thirties,... Read more >

Why video is so important when conducting market research with Gen Z

20 February, 2019 Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation in town! Generation Z refers to those born between... Read more >

Is AI the future of customer experience?

19 February, 2019   AI is something of a buzzword right now - especially when it comes to how it can transform the... Read more >

6 reasons why a local fieldwork agency will find better respondents

12 February, 2019  These days, the world is smaller and more interconnected than ever before. However, when it comes... Read more >

Easy-to-follow advice for expert validation

04 February, 2019 So you've conducted your feasibility assessment, briefed your agency, and started recruiting... Read more >

Understanding the process of finding participants

30 January, 2019 Understanding the process of finding participants A good qualitative market research study is all... Read more >

How tech can help reduce respondent fatigue

22 January, 2019 Respondent fatigue is a very real, and a growing problem in the market research world. In fact, 39%... Read more >

The five basic rules of briefing your market research recruitment agency

21 January, 2019 Once you’ve established the feasibility of your project and decided on a sample size, it’s time to... Read more >

Why you should always carry out a feasibility test

14 January, 2019 Before starting any type of market research recruitment, you should always carry out a thorough... Read more >

Our step-by-step guide to qualifying participants for qual MR

10 December, 2018 You’ve decided on your objectives, identified your target audience and even recruited some pretty... Read more >

Market research methods explained

05 December, 2018 When it comes to effectively engaging with your target audience and generating the results you... Read more >

Five onboarding tricks you won’t want to miss

03 December, 2018 You probably already know about the benefits of online qual research: it’s a fast and... Read more >

What’s included in my fieldwork costs?

19 November, 2018 The success of your qualitative market research project ultimately depends on the people recruited... Read more >

When do I need a full service market research agency?

13 November, 2018 When you kick off your qualitative market research study, there are a number of things to consider.... Read more >

How technology is changing market research

09 November, 2018 The market research world has undergone some serious advances over the past 20 years, with new... Read more >

4 top tips: researching sensitive topics with children & young people

17 October, 2018   There are a number of things to think about when conducting qualitative market research with... Read more >

How to achieve maximum engagement in your mobile ethnography

11 October, 2018 Mobile ethnography is a type of research methodology that allows researchers to observe respondents... Read more >

Four ways to recruit young people via social media

09 October, 2018 Teenagers and young people can have a bit of a bad reputation in the research world. Researchers... Read more >

Four mobile ethnography lessons you won’t want to miss

20 September, 2018 Mobile ethnography is transforming qualitative market research by turning participants into... Read more >

How to harness video to reach young people for market research

20 September, 2018 Millennials and Generation Z are the leading actors of the digital age. They’re the influencers of... Read more >

Why social media can help you find fresh respondents

06 September, 2018 Social media has never been more popular. People are spending more time than ever before on various... Read more >

How Facebook can help you recruit niche audiences

14 August, 2018 When kicking off a market research study, one of the first steps is always determining what kind of... Read more >

Why you should use mobile ethno as an extension to your research

08 August, 2018 Ethnographic research essentially turns research inside out: instead of bringing the subject to the... Read more >

Market research - it's more than just data collection!

02 August, 2018 Market research is changing. In today’s digital world, simple questions such as “do my customers... Read more >

What exactly should I expect from my market research recruitment updates?

12 July, 2018 If you want to get the most out of your market research project, one of the most important steps is... Read more >

5 top tips: feasibility testing for your qualitative market research

10 July, 2018 Carrying out a feasibility assessment is an essential part of any successful market research study.... Read more >

Four things we learnt from Gen Z research participants

05 July, 2018 The term Generation Z refers to those born in 1995 or later - making them the generation that are... Read more >

How on earth does list recruitment work in market research?

18 June, 2018 We all know how important it is to recruit the right people for your market research project. After... Read more >

What are the benefits of using a viewing facility?

14 June, 2018 Focus groups are one of the most popular methodologies in the market researcher’s toolkit. There... Read more >

How to get the right amount of respondents for your market research

14 May, 2018 When you carry out market research for your business, getting everything in place takes time,... Read more >

Where to host your focus group event?

11 May, 2018 Focus groups are essential for discovering key insights to help you market your business more... Read more >

Move over, Millennials - here comes Generation Z

25 April, 2018 The Millennials’ time in the spotlight is starting to wane. Generation Z - also known as... Read more >

Five task ideas to use for your next market research online community...

17 April, 2018 Market research online communities are continuing to grow in popularity, with 82% of market... Read more >

Six mistakes that turn in-home interviews into a logistical nightmare

13 March, 2018 In-home interviews are a qualitative market research methodology whereby one-to-one interviews are... Read more >

10 tips for conducting market research with children & young people

07 March, 2018 Qualitative market research with children and young people is an area that is growing in popularity... Read more >

What does the latest GRIT report mean for qualitative market research?

20 February, 2018 The GRIT (Greenbook Research Industry Trends) report is undoubtedly one of the leading and most... Read more >

Seven top tips to make your good in-home interviews great

15 February, 2018 In-home interviews do exactly what you’d expect them to: they consist of asking your participants... Read more >

Five tips for incentivising children in qual market research

08 February, 2018 We’re starting to see more and more qualitative research being carried out with children and young... Read more >

Six common mistakes in online qualitative research - and how to avoid them

19 January, 2018 Online qualitative market research interviews – whether conducted in individual or group settings -... Read more >

Six ways to recruit children and young people for market research

15 January, 2018 In recent years there’s been a shift in the market research world with more and more qualitative... Read more >

Top tips: recruiting different social grades for market research

15 December, 2017 A social grade is a demographic, socio-economic classification that assigns every household to a... Read more >

Full service market research versus fieldwork – which one is right for you?

11 December, 2017 There are a number of important decisions to make when you undertake a market research project.... Read more >

The importance of UX testing with the whole Click & Collect experience

04 December, 2017 UX testing, also known as usability testing, involves evaluating a product or service by testing it... Read more >

A beginner’s guide to qualifying your participants without losing the plot!

20 November, 2017 So, you’ve thoroughly researched your market research subject, identified your target audience, and... Read more >

How accompanied shops can provide detailed shopper insights

17 November, 2017 Accompanied shops, assisted shops or shopalongs as they’re also known – have become increasingly... Read more >

Could virtual reality enhance your qualitative market research?

09 November, 2017 It took a bit of time to get going, but it’s safe to say virtual reality has finally arrived – in... Read more >

MR and the digital age - where do traditional research methods fit?

25 October, 2017 You don’t need us to tell you that technology has exploded in recent years. In fact, research... Read more >

Three tools to revolutionise your online focus groups

03 October, 2017 Online focus groups have become more and more popular in recent years – and when you look at the... Read more >

In-store ordering – is this the next step for retail & shopper insights?

18 September, 2017 There’s no denying that the advance of technology is transforming everything, from everyday life to... Read more >

Moderated User Research: Top Tips

13 September, 2017 When it comes to user experience testing, there are two ways to do it: either with a moderator or... Read more >

How to use WhatsApp to gain deeper shopper insights

07 September, 2017 It’s official: consumers today have become omnichannel shoppers. Whether online or in-store, on a... Read more >

Top tips for unlocking hard to reach audiences for qual MR

18 August, 2017 As market researchers, our job is to capture the thoughts, opinions and voices of different people... Read more >

Could artificial intelligence transform the retail sector?

16 August, 2017 Artificial intelligence is fast becoming the next big thing in the retail world. In fact, analyst... Read more >

How to take the stress out of scheduling your participants for qual MR

11 August, 2017 Picture the scene: you’ve searched high and low, near and far, and finally, you’ve done it. You’ve... Read more >

Is microchipping humans the next big thing?

08 August, 2017 A US retail company, 32M, recently offered to microchip their employees. Yes, you read that right:... Read more >

The story of Angelfish: a little bit about us

20 July, 2017 The Angelfish Group is a dedicated marketing and research services company based in Cheltenham,... Read more >

Hot research method of the moment – mobile qual

19 July, 2017 Methodology of the moment – mobile qual Across all areas of market research we’re starting to see... Read more >

How speaking to respondents will revolutionise your qual market research

14 July, 2017 It goes without saying that everybody wants the very best participants for their qualitative market... Read more >

How to be realistic with your qualifying criteria for qual market research

12 July, 2017 How to be realistic with your qualifying criteria for qual market research Read more >

5 reasons online communities will revolutionise your retail MR

05 July, 2017 Market research online communities (MROCs) are a modern research technique that sees respondents... Read more >

How to successfully recruit an assisted shop for your qual MR

02 June, 2017 Assisted shopping is a great way for a brand to get customer insights straight from the source.... Read more >

How to utilise mobile qual in your next assisted shop

09 May, 2017 Assisted shopping is a great way to identify key customer shopping behaviours. After all, assessing... Read more >

How to achieve great engagement in your MROC

03 May, 2017 Researchers who employ a market research online community (MROC) for usable insights need to put an... Read more >

How to sell market research online communities to your boss

19 April, 2017 Some say traditional workplaces are dying – their “one size fits all policies” are no longer... Read more >

5 ways to give your focus group a makeover!

07 March, 2017 A focus group, no matter how intricately you’ve planned it, will only work with the right... Read more >

A beginners guide to qualitative market research methodologies

22 February, 2017 Choosing a qualitative market research methodology can be a daunting process, especially if you are... Read more >

5 mistakes in focus group research (and how to avoid them)

03 February, 2017 Focus group research is one of the most popular research methodologies. It offers several benefits... Read more >

Communication tips for better engagement in online communities

10 January, 2017 According to a 2015 Grit report, 52% of market researchers use market research online communities.... Read more >

6 Ways To Target Millennials For Focus Group Research

05 January, 2017 Focus group research is a powerful way to gather unique insights to improve your products and... Read more >

Millennials Part Ways with Traditional Research Methods

08 December, 2016 Today, when market research professionals go about their work, the phrase that is often top of mind... Read more >

5 tips for conducting friendship pairs in qualitative market research

18 November, 2016 What is a friendship pair? A friendship pair is a type of qualitative market research technique... Read more >

How to conduct your focus group like a pro this Christmas

11 November, 2016 Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… and market researchers everywhere are going crackers... Read more >

5 wearable technologies you should consider for your qual MR

27 October, 2016 What is wearable technology? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve... Read more >

Why Go Pro could be the answer to your qualitative fieldwork

27 October, 2016 It’s official –  wearable technology, particularly Go-Pro’s are on the up. In fact, Go-Pro revenue... Read more >

What is a focus group and how can it benefit your market research?

17 October, 2016 The lowdown on focus groups Focus groups are one of the most effective and popular market research... Read more >

The importance of over-recruiting your focus group respondents

13 October, 2016 An over-recruit pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s simply when you recruit more... Read more >

5 reasons you should use WhatsApp in your online qualitative research

23 September, 2016 What’s up in the world of consumer research? WhatsApp, that’s what! Over the past year we’ve seen a... Read more >

Planning a market research online community? Avoid these 6 mistakes!

21 September, 2016 One of the fastest growing methods of qualitative research in recent years is the market research... Read more >

10 moderating tips to follow for successful focus groups

17 August, 2016 Running successful focus groups requires a great moderator who can bring out the best in... Read more >

What does the GRIT report mean for qualitative market research?

22 July, 2016 Market research as we know it today has been in existence for nearly 100 years. And surely even... Read more >

Good, bad and the ugly of market research online communities

23 June, 2016 Market research online communities are a popular methodology in any market researcher’s toolkit.... Read more >

Boosting your qualitative market research with Neuroscience

16 June, 2016 Over the last few decades, scientists have been making greater and greater progress in unlocking... Read more >

A beginner's guide to conducting focus groups online

26 May, 2016 Focus groups have always played a key role in market research since they are one of the most... Read more >

How to recruit & engage Gen Z for qualitative market research

11 May, 2016 Global, social, visual and technologically enabled – you can’t get a much more readily accessible... Read more >

How to brief your qualitative fieldwork agency for better results

18 April, 2016 If you want to get the most out of your market research project, one of the most crucial steps is... Read more >

What is digital ethnography?

13 April, 2016 Ethnography - or immersion - is the study of people in a real-world environment. It enables... Read more >

A Beginner’s Guide to Focus Groups

30 March, 2016 Tips for Focus Groups 1) What is a focus group? Focus groups are a dynamic research process and can... Read more >

5 reasons why you need market research online communities

26 February, 2016 A market research online community is a modern research technique whereby a group of pre-determined... Read more >

Why parents are an essential demographic for qualitative market research

28 January, 2016 Mums are often referred to as the silent army – a mighty force that can be overlooked but who... Read more >

What impact will wearables have on qualitative market research?

08 January, 2016 Wearables are the new kid on the block when it comes to qualitative market research, but it... Read more >

How to reduce no-shows for your qualitative fieldwork

06 January, 2016 It’s the day of your qualitative fieldwork that you have been planning for weeks. You’re at the... Read more >

How to recruit students for consumer fieldwork…

07 December, 2015 Generation Z - that’s those born in 1995 or later - are coming of age. In fact, by next year, they... Read more >

10 Reasons Your Agency Needs To Put MROCs in Your Proposals

27 November, 2015 Focus groups have long been an important strategy for market research agencies that want to help... Read more >

Can the Smartwatch Transform Qualitative Market Research?

13 November, 2015 The idea that a person could search for information with a special pair of glasses, check their... Read more >

Let the participant become a co-researcher using mobile ethnography...

30 October, 2015 Ethnography, a type of qualitative market research that puts the researcher “in the moment” with... Read more >

How to ensure your Online Focus Group is a success...

08 October, 2015  Conducting an online focus group is a highly effective way to draw insights from a range of... Read more >

Could Google Cardboard be the future of qualitative market research?

22 September, 2015  We can all picture the scene. A room of carefully chosen respondents giving their opinions on... Read more >

Why millennials are changing qualitative market research

03 September, 2015  Everyone is talking about Millennials; it seems to be the buzz word of the moment for market... Read more >

Consumer health & the internet: What does it mean for qual market research?

21 August, 2015 “Consumer health” is a major watchword in today’s healthcare industry. It’s all about giving people... Read more >

What is ethnographic research?

09 July, 2015 The focus group is highly valuable for learning people’s thoughts, opinions, and behaviours.... Read more >

What is a Market Research Online Community?

19 June, 2015 The AQR describes a market research online community as “a closed network of respondents taking... Read more >

Why Conduct Market Research Online Communities?

16 June, 2015 You already know what a Market Research Online Community (MROC) is, and that this internet-based... Read more >

Millennials & Market Research Online Communities: The Perfect Match

02 June, 2015 Millennials are an increasingly important demographic to market researchers. They comprise a large... Read more >

Where should I host my focus group? Top tips for finding the right venue

26 May, 2015 Where should I host my focus group? Top tips for finding the right venue  Read more >

Will the online focus group thrive or merely survive?

25 March, 2015 Online focus groups offer convenience, low cost and eliminate the need for travel whilst still... Read more >

Why conduct focus groups as a research method?

25 March, 2015   What is a focus group research method? Focus groups are one of the most effective and most... Read more >