generation z market research

Why video is so important when conducting market research with Gen Z

Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation in town! Generation Z refers to those born between 1995 and 2015. They are the generation coming of age now - in fact, by next year, Gen Z will account for 2.56 billion of the global population. Barely out from under their parent's roofs, there isn’t a lot of research surrounding this generation yet - but that’s all changing, and fast. As their spending power continues to rise, it’s vital to conduct Generation Z market research in order to understand their habits, behaviours, and what makes them tick. But how do we engage with them? Read on to find out…

generation z market research

Meet Generation Z

Generation Z lives in a world of continuous updates. A whopping 96% own a smartphone, and many can’t even remember life without social media. In fact, let’s face it - most a lot of this generation could swipe before they could even talk. All of this means they live and share their lives online and on-the-go, spending hours every day on social media. The younger demographic of this generation (3 year olds, for example), who may not yet have access to common social media platforms, still have a certain amount of influence on what gets spent; many children watch YouTube videos and will grow up with this platform readily available to them.

generation z market research

They want information instantly, and process it just as quickly. Whereas Millennials ignored their parents the old fashioned way with just a phone and a TV, Gen Z kids do it with five screens - a smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop, and iPad - and often simultaneously. With so much going on, it’s no wonder they’re so distracted. So how do you engage with them? With something that grabs their attention and keeps them excited - and that’s where video comes in.

Why video

To put it simply, video makes market research fun - so it’s a great way to appeal to this distracted generation. It’s much more fun to record a short video than take part in a focus group or telephone interview, especially for the Snapchat-loving, selfie-taking Generation Z. But it’s not just that: video also empowers young people and makes them feel as if they are really being listened to. And because it makes it easy for them to express themselves and portray emotion, it results in more in-depth insights for researchers too. Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone! Here are three important reasons why video is so important for attracting Generation Z to market research studies:

Video is good fun

Snapchat now has 186 million daily active users whilst Instagram Stories has a staggering 400 million - showing that vlogging, video diaries and short snippets of self-recorded content are becoming more popular by the day. Rather than traditional market research methods, video offers a variety of fun ways for young people to take part in research. As many of them watch a lot of YouTube videos - vlogs, beauty reviews, study tips, hair tutorials, even life advice - video is a familiar medium for them. From snapping a selfie during an accompanied shop to recording a product review or even keeping a video diary, video market research allows Generation Z to share their thoughts in a way they are comfortable with and have fun at the same time.

Video is super fast

As we said above, this distracted generation lives in a world of continuous updates. They want information, they want it now - and they will lose interest in it just as fast. All this means that an hour-long focus group or long online survey just isn’t going to cut it. With video, though, young people can quickly and easily express themselves. It’s instant, and they can do it anytime, anywhere - which means that not only does video fit in with their busy lives, but they also won’t lose interest and start scrolling through social media instead.

generation z market research

Video is empowering

Young people today aren’t just about all things digital. This generation also wants to make a difference - and video market research is a fantastic way to hand over the reins and allow them to express themselves. Not only will they feel as if their opinion is truly valued, but because they can portray emotion, they feel as if they are really being listened to. It’s this human aspect to communication that makes all the difference by making feel engaged, empowered, and willing to express themselves.

As Generation Z come of age and their buying power increases, it’s becoming more and more important to reach out to them and try to understand what makes them tick. Video market research is a great way to do this, delivering in-depth insights in a fast, fun and engaging way. Want to find out more about conducting market research with digital natives? Talk to our team today for further advice on video market research and how it can engage and excite younger generations.

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