I can’t emphasis enough - this is one of those jobs where the quality of the recruitment could really make or break it for us. The participants have not only been super accommodating, helpful and candid … but they’ve also been entirely on (a very difficult) spec!

You’re heroes. We’re super grateful!

Belle did an amazing job of managing all the moving parts and different phases to the project!

Project was seamless and we had some fantastic participants!

The angelfish team were great as always! Had a slight issue with respondents but Belle was always super attentive and ready to help where she could. Thanks again Belle & team, you're all fab! :)

Olivia VoxPops

Everything went super smoothly. The best part was probably your quick responses to any emails I sent. Thank you :)

The team put in a lot of effort to keep pushing participants to complete their activities across the several weeks of fieldwork! Really happy with how it all turned out!

Belle was an absolute pleasure to work with. Met all required deadlines, provided all the details we would have hoped for promptly, without our request, consistently checked in on progress and even beat us to updates following interviews! The proactiveness has been recognised throughout the team, so thank you very much for your support.

I was delighted with the service that Angelfish provided. They were able to recruit engaged and insightful participants who were a joy to interview. Angelfish met all all the deadlines and guidelines I laid out.

The communication was great - I was always aware of the status of my project.

Couldn't fault the project. Worked flawlessly! You guys are always proactive, friendly, and get stuff done.

Anthony Rowbottom Boxxee Group

We had a great experience, our client also loved the participants - really valuable insights gathered. :)

Community Manager

Regular, detailed updates from the team and setup was efficient as always. Thanks team!

I would 100% recommend Angelfish. They were incredibly professional and warm to work with and felt like an extension of our Research team at Moonpig. The customers recruited were absolutely fantastic and were the perfect fit for our internal customer panel. I would trust Angelfish with any future project - thank you!

Aly Abel, UX Research Manager Moonpig

Worked to secure great respondents for a very tight turnaround - hugely appreciated thank, you so much for making the deadline and providing additional recruits. Communication was honest and clear which was exactly what we needed to get this over the line. AF were very receptive to our needs and also had a clear understanding of the brief from the get go!

Extremely responsive throughout all of the projects - thanks Molly :)

Fantastic job yet again! Huge thanks to the team especially Molly for keeping us updated, on track and supporting us throughout. The quality of the participants was superb.

Debbie Preston, Head of Planning and Strategy Rock Kitchen Harris

download (1)
All went very smoothly. Good candidates recruited. Efficient team.


The project went really well, the time management was excellent and when one participant dropped out last minute a replacement was found very quickly, I was very appreciative of this.

The project was managed exceptionally well. The Angelfish team were able to deal with last minute changes from our part and supported this project seamlessly. They were professional, friendly and supportive and made the whole process feel very relaxed and positive.

Quick response and turn around time, supplied exactly what was requested and offered additional and insightful advice as well

Some difficulty meeting quotas, but enough flex in the project to produce really good results form the final groups. Helpful regular updates from friendly team. Fully transparent throughout the process and any issues were quickly resolved.

Everything went like clockwork, particularly given the tight turnaround, and spec.  Recruits were great - very suitable in terms of the desired audience.  It was evident everyone had been well briefed and joined calls prepared / having done their 'homework' (pre-reading).  Communication from the team was fantastic throughout.
Thanks again for taking care of everything and lining up such good quality recruits at such short notice.  Made the Christmas run in a lot less stressful than it could've been.

This was an extraordinary achievement! We made you work with incredibly challenging timelines, a typing tool, and a difficult screener to craft. The team was brilliant, flexible and super cool-headed throughout. The quality of the recruitment, despite all those challenges, was quite brilliant.

As always, the team were fast to respond, fast to cost up, faster to deliver and the recruits were high quality. I trust you all to do the job to the highest standard.

Alison Abel Moonpig.com

Super communicative, super friendly, and we got to speak to an awesome group of participants.

Ben Cohen, Senior Innovation Lead Good Innovation

Respondents were incredibly engaged, exactly the kinds of people we were hoping for, thanks so much!

Senior Design Researcher

The team were really communicative, and the participants found were perfect for our needs.

As usual the team were brilliant. Participants were on spec, on time, really articulate and thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with!

Jessica Jorgensen, Research Director BAMM

This project was a last minute add-on help, so was on best effort basis. but I really appreciated the can-do attitude of the team and the PM, taking on a project during an already super time to help us. We only recruited 1 respondent in the end, but I appreciated the regular communication of our PM who kept checking on us and sending us any new applicant.

Really happy with the service received as well as the number of participants who attended. You were able to fulfil our brief and criteria and the communication from the team throughout was excellent. We will definitely be coming back to you again!

The project was managed well and we were over-the-moon with the quality of participants - so was our client. We believe that the over-the-phone vetting and audition videos worked really well. AF worked really well to keep us in the loop when a respondent dropped out and helped to secure the on-hold respondent to replace. Thank you!!

Working with Angelfish was a delight throughout, as someone who was new to the role I couldn't have asked for a more informative experience. I learnt so much about the recruitment process and felt the team were invested throughout. I inquired into a few companies prior to choosing angelfish and made my decision as I felt you connected with the project from the start.

Junior Design Researcher

Fantastic experience with Angelfish and specifically Molly. She was very informative and regularly checked in on the recruitment process. I had to push interviews back multiple times and Molly was great at rearranging these! As well as quickly rearranging an additional interview!

Consumer Research Manager

Love working with Angelfish! Consistent communication, really great selection of respondents, support throughout with any questions I had, and most importantly a friendly and personable team! :D

Senior Producer

Respondents were well chosen, communication and project management was both proactive and timely. No issues!


We really appreciated the fact that you were willing to hop on a combined kick off call with our US partners AND jumped in to UK-ify the screener so smoothly. Thanks for your partnership all along the way!

Katrina, President KNow Research

The staff are brilliant research partners who are there for feedback, support and problem-solving.

Lead UX Researcher

It was a BIG recruit and Angelfish pulled it off seamlessly

Associate Director - Operations and Culture

The communication and support throughout the project were excellent and took a huge task off our hands which saved us time and provided great respondents. Thank you!

Video Producer

Overall I was extremely impressed with the Angelfish team. Communication was fantastic and all of the respondents were highly engaged in the project. We had a fairly tight timeframe and everything was managed to perfection.

Vice President of Consumer Insights

An overwhelmingly positive experience. You achieved the quota very quickly and managed to replace the single respondent who 'dropped out' within a matter of hours.

Roger Smith, Freelancer

The team were brilliant, super efficient, organised, friendly and effective. Very good value for money. Will be pleased to work again with Angelfish and will recommend you to others.


It was really excellent. Recruitment was spot on - and a good mix of different types of people too. Plus I've never had such engaged, proactive and good-at-feedback people recruiting.

Alice Fenyoe, Freelancer

I was really pleased with how quickly you found us the sample we needed for this project and they have been responding well so far. I felt that the team kept us all well informed and were flexible to adapt to our requirements in terms of sample. Looking forward to the next project together!

Project Manager

Love working with your team.

Research Executive

Very positive experience. The level of applicants was supreme. As were the comments and organisation. I would highly recommend Angelfish.

Bosworth Acres-Debenham, Head of Video 4Com Technologies

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The Angelfish team were flexible with some changes to the recruitment brief in the earlier stages of the project which really helped. The support in sending participants consent forms and information to prepare them for the sessions was great. Halfway through the person working on this project from our side changed and Angelfish handled that really well even though there wasn't a handover as such.

Senior UX Design Researcher

Such an approachable and responsive team. Thank you!

Director SocialQual

download (1)
This was a very hard project to recruit for remotely, because of the technical requirements of getting access to the prototype. I don't think we will attempt something like this remotely again, but you guys went above and beyond to get the participants sorted out so thank you for that!

Kevin Mercer, Lead UX Researcher Go Figure Research

Overall the project went very well, I enjoyed working with the team and was particularly impressed by our project manager who's communication skills were excellent and very supportive.

Charlotte Lineker, Design Strategist instinct laboratory

The project went incredibly smoothly - the respondents were super quality and the information received from the team was timely and complete. It was a joy working with the team

Consumer Insight Manager

Nothing to say except thank you for your help delivering this project!

Senior Project Manager

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