Case Study:

Senior Business Decision Makers

Discover how Angelfish went above and beyond with an online focus group recruitment project that would go on to inspire an upcoming TV advert


Business phone with a screen displaying apps and calls on its screen, representing the client product in this online focus group recruitment case study
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The Client

Leading provider of business telephone systems

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The Objective

Gain deep insights to inform the creative of an upcoming TV campaign

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The Methodology

Online focus group

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The Duration

2 x 1hr online focus groups via Zoom

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Our Participants

Senior business decision makers - 2 x groups of 6 for 5 (total 10)


A regular client of ours came back to us with an exciting new challenge: to find senior business decision makers to provide the insights that could inform the creative on an upcoming TV campaign.

Read on to find out how we went above and beyond with our recruitment 'full-service' approach, including recruiting high-quality, engaged participants, and so much more...

What was the end goal? 

Our client's goal was to gain in-depth insight and feedback from senior business decision makers (from a variety of different industries) on three different concepts for their upcoming TV & social campaigns.

The plan was to use this insight to inform the creative for their adverts and finalise their campaigns.

Who were the participants?

- Senior decision makers for the phone systems within their organisation.

- Range of ages & industries

- Awareness of certain products was key for Group 1

- No awareness required for Group 2

- An over-recruit (1 per group) was essential, given the busy lifestyle of this demographic

What challenges did we face? 

The real challenge here was ensuring respondents genuinely made the decisions surrounding their company’s phone contracts.

What’s more, the respondents would be viewing the concepts for three different adverts in a storyboard format, they would need to be imaginative and visualise the concepts.


The final sample size was set to be a small one (five participants per groups), which meant that the quality of the participants was paramount.

Being busy individuals, engagement and enthusiasm was important to reduce any chances of dropouts.

We were keen to avoid any technical issues during the online focus group session (for example, low quality video feeds or unstable internet connections). Videos of the participants’ insights would be shared at board level to senior stakeholders.

The Angelfish twist...

We began with multiple consultations with our client, working closely together with them on their brief to ensure that we fully understood their needs and ultimate goals for the project.

We aim to go above and beyond for all of our clients and it looks a little different in every case. This time, we included:

  • writing a detailed screener
  • video validating all the respondents
  • bringing on board our ultra-experienced freelance qualitative consultant to support our client 
  • regular tech support 

We used a mix of different methods to find the participants for the study; sourcing from our propriety high-quality audience, and running multiple social media campaigns.

What made this project unique for us (and subsequently so successful) was the video validation we implemented for all respondents - an Angelfish first. 

Something Powerful

The strict requirement to avoid tech issues on the evening of the groups and ensure the high calibre of participants, meant this was a recommendation we suggested early on in the consultation phase. 

We scheduled video calls with all respondents, and confirmed them using video feeds in the location that they planned to complete the study in. This allowed us to not only validate the participants and ensure they met the screening criteria, but also helped ensure their sound and video were as good as we were expecting.

As a bonus, we found this helped us build a strong rapport with the respondents. We've learned from our years of experience recruiting for focus groups here at Angelfish, that building a rapport is a critical part of ensuring full attendance – and we’re delighted to say that, as a result of our new video validation technique, we had a 100% show rate and 0% technical difficulties!

Let's Talk

The results 

The results of the study left our clients positively glowing!

With a fully attended online focus group (thanks to our pre-validated back-ups and a masterful last-minute replacement by our Project Manager Molly) and zero technical hitches, our client received many high-quality insights from the study that went on to inform the creative for the adverting campaigns.


Not only that, but our qualitative consultant and the client gave excellent feedback about our participants, and the participants thoroughly enjoyed taking part!

Key takeaways 

Get everything right at the start – with in-depth consultations and a clear, detailed brief from the get-go, this project had the best possible foundations on which to build towards a successful outcome.

Consider implementing video validation – this was a great way for us to ascertain whether the participants were the best fit for the research, and gave us brilliant rapport-building opportunities.

It pays to think ahead – we knew that the participant quota for this project was going to be tough, so we made sure to plan for this right at the very beginning – and it absolutely paid off

Quality is better than quantity – having a small selection of high-quality participants will generally provide better insights than a larger group of participants who don’t quite hit all the criteria

Teamwork makes the dream work – by working synergistically with all parties involved and building a rapport with your participants (rather than simply working alongside them), you’re guaranteed that the research process will be a lot smoother, and the results will be much higher quality.

“Really gives me the fuel I need to work on creative.”

End client

“Very positive experience. The level of applicants was supreme. As were the comments and organisation. I would highly recommend Angelfish.”

Our client

“The respondents were all great and were very constructive about the scripts.”

Freelance Qualitative Consultant

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