Case Study:

Charity and Challenges

We love conducting market research for charities here at Angelfish! Discover how we nailed a complicated recruit at lightning speed for a well-known charity using a combination of list recruitment and social media in this case study...

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The Client

A leading UK charity

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The Objective

To gain fully-rounded insights into the public perceptions surrounding their charity

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The Methodology

Telephone interview

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The Duration

30-40 minutes per phone call

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The Incentive

£25 Amazon or M&S Voucher

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Our Participants

  • 24 charity donors aged 40-75 years


For this project, our client (a leading UK charity) wanted to recruit a mix of existing donors, potential donors, and people who donated to competitor charities to generate more support for their cause and continue to help people in the future.

Each of the 24 participants selected took part in a 30–40-minute telephone interview where they shared their experiences, views and opinions on charitable donations.


What challenges did we face? 

Nailing the quota splits

Our client wanted to get a fully rounded view of public perception surrounding their charity, which meant that they needed a mix of donors, ideally between the ages of 40-75.

Fourteen existing donors were required, half of which needed to have given via direct debit in the last two years, whilst the other half needed to be regular cash givers or have donated as a result of recent door drop activity.

With the potential donor segment, the participants needed to be in contact with the charity in question but not necessarily a donor yet, whereas the remaining five participants needed to be a regular giver to a competitor charity.



The need for a fool-proof recruitment strategy

Due to the age and profile of the charity’s typical donors, not many people on the list had mobiles or email addresses – so we needed a fool proof strategy to reach out to and recruit respondents.

There were a lot of different quotas splits in this study too, and to make matters more complex, each different segment needed to be recruited using a different channel.

A limited turnaround time

In addition, the turnaround for this one was pretty tight, allowing just a week for recruitment before the fieldwork kicked off.


The Angelfish twist...

To rise above the challenges of this project, the team at Angelfish team expertly carried out:

An in-depth briefing session

As ever, we started with a thorough briefing with the client, where it was decided that the best recruitment approach for this project would be co-branded communication from Angelfish and the charity.

One of the main reasons for this was because we could easily gain the trust of the potential participants.

An out-of-the-box recruitment strategy

We targeted respondents by sending emails from the charity, as well as using the charity’s social media channels and sending newsletters from the charity to their existing database – all of which meant that initial communication was well received.

Something Powerful

A thorough screening process

After contacting the potential respondents, they were all driven to our online screener to ensure that they met the necessary criteria, and they were also given the option of receiving an email or scheduling a phone call with a member of the Angelfish team to discuss the project further.

Regular communication with the participants

Without a doubt, regular communication and a strong working partnership with the client was important in this project due to the complicated nature of the recruit.

We spoke to them regularly throughout the recruitment phase, regularly updating them on our progress, the number of people recruited, and where they were coming from.

This truly transparent and collaborative approach – combined with the thorough briefing at the start of the project – meant we could confidently target the right people for the project.

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The results 

We have to say we’re rather proud of how this one worked out!

As a result of the team’s hard work and previous experience in market research for charities, we managed to recruit high-quality participants that really ticked all the boxes – no mean feat considering we were working with hard-to-reach respondents and very strict criteria!


The client was absolutely delighted with the results, too. Thanks to the high-quality respondents put forward for the study, they were able to access all the insights they needed and drum up more support for the charity too – so there were happy faces all around.

Key takeaways 

Start with a thorough briefing to ensure the research is a success from the beginning

Take the time to build a rapport with your participants and gain their trust

Consider the demographics of your ideal participants when choosing your recruitment method

Transparency and collaboration are key to successful projects!

What next?

It’s not just market research for charities that we excel at here at Angelfish.

When you choose us as your qualitative market research recruitment partner, you’ll benefit from a collaborative approach right from the start.

Your dedicated project management team will be on hand to provide helpful advice, regular updates, and expert management throughout the duration of your project – which means you can always count on us to find the right people for your research, no matter how complicated your criteria.