Case Study:

Delivering 85% MROC engagement for a consumer health giant 

Discover how we helped our consumer health client achieve 85% engagement in a health market research online community with millennials. Taking place over the Christmas period with strict criteria, specific location requirements and a tricky target audience, it’s certainly one that we’re proud of!

A young woman wearing glasses taking part in a health market research online community via her phone and laptop from home
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The Client

A renowned consumer health giant

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The Objective

To gain insights on the perception and experience of vision correction in millennials

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The Methodology

Market Research Online Community

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The Duration

3 months (one hour per month engagement in the form of 3-4 tasks every two weeks)

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The Incentive

Incremental payments, plus bonus prizes

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Our Participants

20 respondents aged 18-25 years


For this study, our client wanted to explore the perceptions and experiences of vision correction with a group of millennials over a three-month period.

Running from November to February, this health market research study involved the respondents taking part in an online community and completing 3-4 tasks every two weeks.

What challenges did we face? 

Targeting and engaging millennial participants

First and foremost, one of the biggest challenges was how to reach out to millennials and keep them excited and engaged for the duration of the community – especially considering the study ran over Christmas!



Working with strict quotas

Half of the respondents had to have been wearing glasses for under two years, with the other half wearing them for two years or more, and we needed these glasses wearers to have a good mix of prescription strengths, too.

And that’s not all – the respondents needed to be sourced from across the UK, and we were also tasked with finding people who had bought glasses and had eye tests at a mix of online and high-street retailers.

In addition, 80% of respondents needed to wear glasses every day, whilst 20% needed to wear them infrequently – and we also needed to recruit males and females with varied employment status, including an even mix of students.


The Angelfish twist...

There’s nothing we love more than a challenge, so we were really excited to get stuck into this one! We helped out clients make this project a success by:

Hosting a thorough briefing session

We made sure we truly understood our clients’ needs so we could offer expert advice on how to tackle the recruitment head-on and get the results they needed.

Something Powerful

Using a variety of recruitment techniques

We left no stone unturned in our search for high-quality respondents, including our fully verified, opt-in panel and refer-a-friend campaigns.

However, our most successful recruitment technique was without a doubt our highly-targeted social media campaign which specifically reached out to people in the UK who wore glasses.

Thanks to a combination of engaging content, attention-grabbing images and clever targeting, we were able to really drill down into the demographic.

Providing expert briefing and quota management advice

For example, we suggested that the client paid incentives in increments and that they gave bonus prizes to respondents with the best contribution to help maintain engagement levels for the duration of the MROC.

Using a clear confirmation process

This ensured that each respondent knew exactly what was expected of them and when by keeping in close contact and sending regular reminders via email, text message and phone call.

Let's Talk

A little look into the MROC...

The respondents completed a range of activities during the three-month health market research online community, including:

  • picture uploads of recent purchases and resonant advertising
  • quick online surveys using a ranking system to give their feedback on communications concepts
  • co-creation for new advertising concepts
  • individual blog posts capturing their knowledge and perceptions of different correction methods

The results 

We hit 85% engagement during this study; a fantastic result considering the target demographic, the length of the community and the time of year that the project took place.

Without a doubt, the secret to success in this project was communication. We had a clear brief, and a solid working partnership with the client. When it comes to highly targeted recruitment and tricky demographics, it’s definitely all about the relationships!

Key takeaways 

A thorough briefing is essential – this will ensure everyone is clear about the study aims and objectives.

Focus on making your MROC tasks exciting – this will not only help to engage your participants, but will allow you to extract in-depth insights.

Explore a variety of relevant recruitment techniques – for example, a highly targeted and image-driven social media campaign for the market research recruitment of young adults

Consider paying incentives in increments and offering bonus prizes – for longer-term online community projects, this will help to ensure maximum respondent engagement

Keep in regular contact with respondents – this will ensure that they know what is expected of them, and will therefore be more likely to remain engaged throughout

What next?

At Angelfish, we make it our mission to ensure that our clients can not only achieve maximum engagement from their market research endeavours, but also gather in-depth insights that will transform their products and services!

By teaming up with us – whether for health market research or research for a whole different sector – you’ll have the support of your very own dedicated project management team and our expertise at every step of the process.