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How assisted shops can provide detailed shopper insights

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 17-Nov-2017 10:03:24

Assisted shops – or shopalongs as they’re also known – have become increasingly popular in qualitative market research in recent years to gain shopper insights.

Whilst group discussions and face-to-face interviews are a great way to understand your customers’ thoughts and opinions, joining them on a retail shopalong can help you to glean additional insight which you otherwise may not be able to achieve from a focus group setting .

Assisted shops enable you to get underneath your customers’ skin and observe how they behave, where they go, what they buy and why – which means you can generate deep shopper insights in order to make truly informed decisions.

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How to successfully recruit an assisted shop for your qual MR

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 02-Jun-2017 08:31:15

Assisted shopping is a great way for a brand to get customer insights straight from the source. During “shopalongs”, the interaction is kept to a minimum for most of the session to ensure customer behaviour remains as natural as possible. A researcher is there to observe how people approach a store, what they look for and what they like and dislike during their experience. To maximise the potential of your assisted shop, it is important to have a good recruitment strategy in place.

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How to utilise mobile qual in your next assisted shop

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 09-May-2017 09:16:47

Assisted shopping is a great way to identify key customer shopping behaviours. After all, assessing what clicks with the consumer and what doesn’t is easiest when you’re watching them interact with goods in a shop. With the rise of mobile technology, assisted shopping and mobile qual have become intricately linked.

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