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Let the participant become a co-researcher using mobile ethnography...

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 30-Oct-2015 14:37:34

Ethnography, a type of qualitative market research that puts the researcher “in the moment” with participants, has an exciting new outgrowth known as mobile ethnography. Today’s digital technology and on-the-go electronics has made mobile ethnography possible, allowing participants to actually do the job of the researcher by documenting their experiences as consumers.

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Topics: Ethnographic Research

What is ethnographic research?

Posted by Lisa Boughton on 09-Jul-2015 13:30:00

The focus group is highly valuable for learning people’s thoughts, opinions, and behaviours. However, the artificial nature of the focus group setting means that it isn’t always the most effective way to gauge consumer behaviour, which is where alternative methods of research come in. Ethnographic research turns the focus group inside out. Instead of bringing the subject to the researchers, the researchers embed themselves in the environment of the subject.

Ethnographic research has its roots in anthropological study, a field where researchers go into a particular cultural environment and learn first-hand how people live and behave. Some of the more dramatic instances of this have occurred when a researcher has gone away to live with members of a remote tribe for a prolonged period of time, but it can also be as simple as periodically visiting the home of someone who lives across town.

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Topics: Ethnographic Research

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