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The importance of over-recruiting your focus group respondents

13 October, 2016 An over-recruit pretty much does what it says on the tin – it’s simply when you recruit more..

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A Beginner’s Guide to Focus Groups

30 March, 2016 Tips for Focus Groups 1) What is a focus group? Focus groups are a dynamic research process and can..

How to ensure your Online Focus Group is a success...

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Where should I host my focus group? Top tips for finding the right venue

26 May, 2015 Where should I host my focus group? Top tips for finding the right venue 

Will the online focus group thrive or merely survive?

25 March, 2015 Online focus groups offer convenience, low cost and eliminate the need for travel whilst still..

Why conduct focus groups as a research method?

25 March, 2015   What is a focus group research method? Focus groups are one of the most effective and most..